Vietnam Travel Deals massive Tet tour Europe, Australia, USA 

 Prepare early for those traveling Europe, Australia, America in the Lunar New Year not only help visitors easily book tour, but also ensure that all visa procedures are conducted smoothly. This is why the company Vietnam Travel Promotion deploy massive tour with preferential rates to 6 million and completed 100% of the fee if the applicant failed to encourage customers to sign up early for maximum benefit when travel Europe, Australia, America Tet.

Incentives to 6 million customers registered for Tet tour to end on 15/12
To meet the wishes of customers get a good price on the holiday tour, after the end of the program "Festival Tour Europe, Australia, America usual price" for customers who sign up early before 15/11, the company Travel Vietnam was trying to convince the airline and service partners in Europe, Australia, the United States continues to open the policy priorities of the tour to end on 15/12 New Year. Specifically tour France - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany 9 days, departing 14/2 (26 Year) Package price 65,500,000d; France - Belgium - Ha - Netherlands - Germany 9 days, departing 20/2 (2nd Year) 67,500,000d package price; tour France - Italy 10 days, departing 22/2 (4th Year) 85,500,000d package price; tour France - Italy - Switzerland 11 days, departing 14/2 (26 Year) 83,500,000d package price; tour of Australia: Sydney - Melbourne 7 days, depart 17/2 (29 Year) package price 58,900,000d and departure 21/2 (3rd Year) 61,900,000d priced package price; Tour East - West United States: New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas 10 days, departing 12/2 (24 Year) 73,500,000d package price; US West Coast tour: Los Angeles, Las Vegas 7 days, depart 22/2 (4th Year) 56,500,000d package price. Following on 15/12, prices Festival tour will officially return to a higher level of 4-6 million for each line.
Besides the tour price incentives, to ensure guests are safe and satisfied about the quality of service during peak Tet, Vietnam Travel company constantly groomed every little detail of every journey travel Europe, Australia, USA, from luxury hotels to 4 star standard appetizing meals, sightseeing modern car, safety, under the guidance of a team of enthusiastic instructors, experience and most dedicated.
Ensure results visa Europe, Australia, America's best for customers to tour New Year
With a long vacation, this year's festival will be evaluated with the massive increase in demand for travel in Europe, Australia, America. Particularly in Vietnam Tourism Company, a number of European Union and associated the East - West America has sold out seats, parallel placeholder that arrivals continued to increase in recent days.
However, as the number of airline tickets is limited to the holiday, so if you plan to travel to Europe, Australia, the US Lunar New Year, visitors should register immediately tour this time. This not only helps visitors definitely put a seat, take the initiative in choosing the tour schedule, as desired departure date, but also help the company best travel assistance for travelers on visa procedures, avoid situations arise involuntarily if registration process to reach the festival. Thus, customers will have a smooth trip Year and extremely comfortable.
Especially in Vietnam Tourism Company, received the policy priority filing history has created favorable conditions for the company to bring the highest visa outcomes for clients. Specifically, the ratio of customers signing tour Europe, Australia, America in Vietnam Tourism Company beans visa up to 99%. This is a solid premise for Vietnam Tourism Company performed 100% committed to completing the visa fee Europe, Australia, US travelers if not achieved.

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