The attractive destinations Spring 2014 

 You've planned for 9 festival holidays this year? Do not forget to reward yourself a trip to rest after a long year of hard work. Refer to the following destinations to choose from for their spring trip most interesting and impressive.

Discover plateau in the clouds
Coming to Cambodia, you would be surprised to enjoy the chilly air and saw the fog hung around the landscape pristine, very mysterious. This is a special attraction of the plateau Bokor, new attractions and unique pagoda country. If you have come here also do not forget to Sihanouk Ville coastal city beautiful sunset and soak up the space cheerful bustle of the bar on the beach at night.
Dubbed the city in the clouds, Genting Highlands, Malaysia is also a favorite of many visitors, especially the young. Over nearly 3 km cable car up at 2000 meters above sea level, looming behind the clouds floating ambiguity, you will encounter complex the most modern Southeast Asia with a full range of catering services indoor and outdoor extremely magnificent. That's not to mention the Casino and the international hotel groups, particularly the First World hotel world's largest and hundreds of restaurants, shops, shopping, ... enough to please even the most discerning guests wealth.
Included on the wonders of spring
With the New Year holiday period 9 days, you can unleash the wonders of spring travel in the world-famous. Intimacy and most famous wonders of Angkor must mention in Siem Reap. Ancient, mystical with the architectural perfection and greatness was not impressed speechless if you visit Angkor Wat clusters, Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom temple in particular, where the context is chosen as the blockbuster issue real secret tombs.
You can also contemplate the immortal words "Any special case of non-perfect droughts" and enjoy your immense clouds feet when standing on the Great Wall, one of the new 7 wonders of the world in China.
Walking around on the bridge under the railway meanders over 50m tall artificial tree at Gardens by the Bay (Garden of the Gulf), man-made wonders of Singapore is also a great experience no less. Between Floors enchanting, you will be completely overwhelmed by the "wonders" of the god of spring, the colorful flower beds on an area of 20,000 square meters with a lot of artificial works wonders.
Indispensable for leading destination during the holiday is Dubai, where the palm tree island (Palm Islands) named the 8th wonder of the world. If you are ready to experience the most lavish with many of the world, and explore the exciting adventures such as riding camels in the desert or enjoy a night of dinner and dance music tradition Dubai Arabian then surely rendezvous "perfect" for you.
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