The point of trekking in Vietnam captivates people phượt 

 Fansipan Peak, Hong Linh Mountain or Bach is the appropriate destination for people who like trekking in Vietnam.

With a population phượt adventure, trekking walking is a form of discovery, often bring their own furniture and in the remote village or mountain climbing, trekking through the jungle. With its hilly terrain, Vietnam has many activities suitable for trekking as suggested below.
1. Sapa (Lao Cai)
Fansipan is the highest mountain Vietnam and Indochina, while the majority of the population phượt as targets of the trip. With 3,143 m altitude, you can conquer the mountain with 3 different lines. The Easiest Way Station is derived from the Sun to the top and back as well with this style. Time trip lasted 2-3 days.
The second lasted about 4 days with a 19.5 km long road, starting from the "spine" Hoang Lien. It comes from the Tram Ton, but the way the Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat stream and along the eastern side of the Hoang Lien.
Third Way harder as derived from Doc Mit, Binh Lu to the top. This is very dangerous journey and professional climbers only people with full equipment dare to go.
2. Apachai (Dien Bien)
Known to the west, Vietnam, located in the commune of Xin Apachai Contractors - Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province. This is a special fork border of Vietnam, Laos and China. The path is not too difficult places like Fansipan but also led to many depressed.
The conquest milestone usually take place during the day. Depending on weather conditions, you will take 3-5 hours to climb up and down. After a long journey through the high grass hill too early or the primeval forest, you will see firsthand the milestone.
Part Apachai landmark located on 1,400 m elevation above the sea, made of marble pedestals with square faces three directions. Each side are engraved the names of countries and national language of each country's national emblem.
3. Mount Ham Pig (Hanoi)
Hanoi is located about 40 km long, mountain trekking Ham Pig weekend is ideal for many people. With a height of 462 m, it is often chosen for rehearsals or Apachai Fansipan trekking trips.
Dan phượt usually have two paths to conquer the mountain. The first and easier to follow the trail is flat, low bushes and takes about 2 hours. The second matching adventure that goes along streams. Travel time is approximately 4 hours.
You should bring a tent camp overnight on the mountain. Once there, you will be amazed watching the beautiful scenery of the sunrise or sunset end of the day.
4. National Park Pu Luong (Thanh Hoa)
National Park Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located northwest of the province of Thanh Hoa. This area is located two Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc.
With up to 17 662 ha area, the area is limestone forest largest remaining lowland northern Vietnam with 3 main types of lowland jungle, low mountains; forest on limestone; vegetation and shrubs and bamboo shoots. Not only that the park owns 1,700 m high peak and Pu Luong is trekking is much loved. With five hours to conquer the target, you will have an unforgettable experience.
5. Mount Hong Linh (Ha Tinh)
As the most famous mountains of Ha Tinh, Hong Linh Mountain, also known as pink or Ru Thousand Hoong. The mountain is located between the territory of Hong Linh town and two Nghi Xuan - Can School. It is also one of the few places carved into permanent Encyclopedia is placed at the top of Hue.
Hong Linh has many peaks as Ban Nam Yen Xuan Da Red Flag from the northwest down. Also, this place has many caves, such as 12-day, Split Two, Ice Cave, with 26 Ham Rong mountain streams flow. Conquering the mountain, you can learn more about the legends, historical stories.
6. Bach Ma National Park (Hue)
"Dalat Central" is the name many people would call Bach Ma National Park. Located about 40 km from Hue city to the south, Mount White Horse shaped upon a white horse stretch out into the ocean. It is part of the Annamite Mountains north and center of the strip of forest stretching from the South China Sea to the border of Vietnam - Laos.
To reach 1,500 m high peak Bach, visitors must pass 19km journey from the foot of the mountain. The road is quite winding and steep. But a higher, more spectacular scenery make travelers rejoiced. Duration 3-4 hours trekking.

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